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Indo Routes is a leading global online travel agency offering a wide range of world-class, hassle-free online travel services. Our services include domestic and international flight reservations, tailor-made and inclusive vacations, hotel reservations, visa services, cruises, car rentals, train tickets, tickets to major attractions around the world, sightseeing, foreign exchange, travel insurance and much more. Indo Routes, one of your custom-made online travel agency. With offices in India, Spain and Nepal, we have been running a tour management agency for 40 years continuously and providing travel packages all over the world. Our main destination we cover: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Dubai, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

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We also offer tailor-made itineraries according to the exclusive needs of our clients. We simply need the month of travel, places to visit and the number of people traveling. Our fully flexible itineraries can be followed individually or combined to make a complete package.

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We started our business as a tour operator, but today our company is known as Travel Management all over the world. With each following year, we have also maintained quality services in the field of tourism. Our tour package is hassle-free and enjoyable for everyone and equally good for a better experience.

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Building on our strength in family and group tours, we have diversified into various other tours, especially cultural, colorful, rural and luxury sightseeing tours and launched our Royal Luxury Tours, which has set new standards of quality, especially for individual travelers.

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We are a professional travel management company belonging to most standard organizations, both nationally and internationally. This ensures that you are dealing with a recognized organization and can expect international standards of compliance with all travel trade related regulations.


India is the land of vibrant culture, colors and festival. The multiformity of the country is portrayed in each village, land and also its cuisine. We from Indo Routes would like to show you the craftsmanship, our beauties of India in travel packages with the most remarkable destinations found in all angles of India. And if you’re looking for tips on where to start, explore our India Beauty tour packages for the best options. Travel through the country and get to know the true and raw nature of the land; be amazed by the implicit and celestial beauty of the region. With the masterful match for your choices among India vacation packages, breathe in the untapped beauty of amazing India! India’s graceful natural beauties are dramatically carved its history.


Our Nepal itinerary explores the lowlands and sprawling capital city of Kathmandu, immersing you in all its historical feel courtesy of medieval squares and shrines complemented by bustling streets, stores and restaurants. Nepal is a perfectly landlocked Asian nation that offers a luxurious adventure environment, also with a diverse culture with beautiful temples, palaces and shrines adorning the Kathmandu Valley, spectacular mountain views overlooking Pokhara and national parks rich in wildlife.


Dubai is a very futuristic city with innovations and developments emerging on the basis of ideas, which are well ahead of their time. This dazzling land that looks like something out of a magic lamp is often seen as the first choice of international travel for many Indian travelers. From the entertaining Bollywood parks to the thrilling Desert Safari or even Burj Khalifa or the magnificent Miracle Garden, this land will not fail to amaze you with what it has to offer along with our Dubai tour packages.


The Land of Dragons has left every visitor enchanted, as each visitor’s visit is completely different from the other. Here at Indo Routes, we craft one of the must-do experiences in Bhutan Tour packages. Waiting for the experience of pleasant greetings of fresh mountain air, zero pollution, no traffic, simple but charming culture, content people are in Bhutan. Waving prayer flags and happy faces of the Bhutanese people make Bhutan vacation packages a completely enchanted experience!


The mysterious and colorful island of Sri Lanka is known for its pristine tourist charms ranging from relaxing sandy beaches to some of the most iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We present you with a fun-filled occasion to explore this unique island with our 11 days and 10 nights Sri Lanka wonders tour package that will take you through some of the most magnificent structures here. Our sri lanka wonder tour package is designed and selected with your best interest in mind.


Tibet is one of the most authentic destinations in the world and there is adventure lurking around almost every corner. Lhasa The capital is located high in the dry desert of the Tibetan mountains, its name is the “roof of the world” is not an idle statement. The valley bottoms of Tibet are higher than the highest mountains elsewhere. Its snow-covered plateaus are the highest in the world. Explore Tibet Authentic Tour package with us, enjoy the beautiful land by joining your trip to Tibet.

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