We are inspired to help grow

We work on the improvement of the Holding’s companies, as well as on the creation of own brands that allow opportunities.

Our Brands
-Soon it will change to:

Allied brands
– 4all-Radio


We are travelposting.com, a web portal dedicated to the promotion y diffusion of tourist destinations at national and international, with headquarters in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Our vision is oriented to companies that wish to present their products and services in several languages by means of a promotional alternative.
alternative and at prices affordable in today’s market.


We are a brand of the company
and we act as a Travel Club where all the people interested in economic travel or in offering tourism services can create a profile and join our club.

The main function of the Club is to offer tourist destinations through new agencies tourism agencies at an international level.  International level. To access our offers, you must be a member of our Club, which is by invitation only.  By invitation only.


The world is constantly changing and what today is fashionable tomorrow is obsolete tomorrow, for this reason it is necessary to monitor the market. Market to keep up to date with new trends y opportunities.

Our team is constantly on the search so that you are always at the vanguard because there is nothing better than your future customers find you before you go looking for them.

As we grow, we face new challenges that force us to become better and better.