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Latin American Network of Event Organizers

World Organization of Latin American Protocol

Honoris Causa Foundation – Mexico

– Non-profit non-profit organizations that we support –

Santa Alianza Association,
Bogotá Colombia.

Assistance to foster children

VIRA Foundation, Medellín Colombia.

It helps the elderly to find the meaning of life.

Non-profit association, Hamburg Germany.

Tourism, gastronomy, education and social projects.

Santa Alianza - Colombia

We are a
Colombian non-profit organization
created in 1992, legally constituted
legally constituted
in March 1994.
We work
mainly in favor of the
and guarantees of early childhood
adolescents and young people.

Holy Alliance of Bogota
is very proud to be working on what will become the greatest legacy for humanity.

Santa Alianza de Bogotá, being an ORG in Colombia, offers the opportunity to the children and youth of our country to have a better future for them, contributing in an effective way to the integral development of society. In our foundation we work with people affected by various social phenomena that impoverish their quality of life and do not allow them to have better opportunities in life. This is the case of children and young people over the age of 8, who are considered difficult to adopt, which makes it difficult for them to grow up in a family nucleus.

On the other hand, we find the children of people who have lost their freedom for committing a crime and who, from the inside, cannot support their family in any aspect. For them, we offer support and accompaniment in their daily lives, with the objective of providing them with tools that allow them to get away from bad habits and prevent them from following the path that their parents have taken due to different circumstances.

Our programs (Rincón de Dios, Apuéstale a la Felicidad, Cumpliendo sueños, Apuéstale al deporte, Apuéstale a la libertad and Apuéstale a la Educación) are focused on guaranteeing these children and young people a better quality of life, with tangible opportunities that can be materialized later on in a better future for them and their families.

Working for orphaned and vulnerable children and adolescents in Colombia and the world.

Every day saving one more orphaned child, to change society.

(1) Advise and develop educational projects/programs aimed at the communities that need them most.

(2) To empower the members of these communities to become leaders of the programs and projects implemented by the association, attracting new members who want to join us.

(3) To carry out projects and programs aimed at children, adolescents and young people coming from different conditions of social conflict in the country.

(4) To ensure that children, adolescents and young people can contribute a series of benefits to their own psychosocial and integral development. (SAB1994).


Phone +(57-1) 3598076
Address: Av. Calle 26 No 69-76 Tower 3 Office 1501

We know that together we can achieve greater goals, for this reason we support these International Institutions and Associations that thanks to their contributions make this world a better world.