MHC, the leading integrated solutions group that complies with international laws. Our unique platform offers a wide range of highly demanded products and services in key sectors such as tourism, technology, media, real estate, hospitality, education and culture. With high quality standards and competitive prices, we stand out in Germany and other countries where we have a solid presence.

Our vision is to lead the global market by providing innovative and reliable solutions that drive our customers’ growth and success. As your strategic partner, we are committed to helping you find comprehensive solutions for the development and expansion of your business. Trust MHC to take your business to the next level. Together, we will achieve extraordinary results and reach new business horizons.

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Global Consultant


Driving Global Strategic Alliances from Hamburg. With headquarters in the renowned German city and international representation, we facilitate partnerships between various economic sectors, both physical and online, to promote products and services. A visionary approach to business success on a global scale.

From MILENIUM HOLDING & CONSULTING, we create integral proposals oriented to satisfy the needs of the logistic, operations and commercial markets, among others.


In a world of accelerated technological advancement, strategic alliances integrate and complement to meet the changing needs of consumers, generating innovative solutions and exceptional experiences globally.


Our main idea is based on the creation of a global business network, where entrepreneurs from diverse activities are united in a broad and solid network that spans multiple regions worldwide.

Years of creation


Sectors where we are present:


We develop student training through Masters and specialized courses with scholarships that allow you to save up to 90%. We collaborate with the constant improvement of businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs and students who wish to improve their well-being.


We collaborate with companies that have solid experience in the market and meet high quality standards. These companies, supported by their outstanding track records and rigorous standards of excellence, are an integral part of our network and contribute significantly to our projects.


Health is not only obtained from the basis of good nutrition, we are joining companies that seek to improve the health of people who wish to do so, under both nutritional and intellectual concepts.


We believe in the value of evolution. Together with new allies, professionals in the area of architecture and urban planning will be available to help with a new face to the current constructions.


There is still a lot to do and you can be part of these projects!

– Wellness Hotels
Spiritual and physical health centers.
– Technology | Medien&Solution

Advertising intercommunication system.
– Real Estate

Because you deserve to live wherever you want.
– Reforestation

Recovering devastated spaces.
– Art and Culture

Creation of cultural spaces.
– Help me

Humanitarian Organization


Our offer:

We advise and help companies in the tourism sector, so that they can offer their services or products where we already operate.

Take advantage of the path we have already walked and offer your services internationally.

✓ Planning:

We plan your services abroad. This includes translation of texts and correct pricing in local currency.

✓ Representation:
We represent your services on behalf of your company within the MHC Alliance. This means that every time we attend a meeting, we present a product or service of yours and we do it under your company name and logo.
✓ Expansion:
From now on, you will be able to offer your services or products in the native language of the country where MHC operates, increasing consumer confidence in your services or products.
✓ National and international:
Our expansion is planned in such a way that we will have more than one subsidiary in some countries, which greatly benefits the position of your product or service in that country.
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What our customers say!

“Thanks to MILENIUM HOLDING’s contribution, we have been able to form alliances with companies in Europe that we would not have been able to access without MHC’s help.”
Manuel Martinez

“For us it was essential to have the presence of MILENIUM HOLDING at the FITUR 2022 fair; without this support, we would have had an empty stand.”
Diego Marin

“At first we didn’t think it possible that from a distance, the MILENIUM HOLDING team would have been able to help us with everything abroad that we needed.”
Jhon Müller


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