Our cornerstones

– Real Estate – Technology – Tourism – Reforestation – Art and Culture – Education – Social Programs – Services and products.


In the tourism sector, we collaborate with national and international organizations in the tourism sector. With a presence in 180 countries and a network of more than 103,000 agencies, registered agencies, we offer channels to promote and market tourism products and services. From simple tours to national and international events, we work with hotels and lodges to provide accommodation and room rentals.

Thanks to our registered trademarks, Travelposting e Inviajes.net based in Germany , we operate in the inbound and outbound sectors, in addition to transportation. Our representatives in Latin America allow us to offer an efficient and quality service, especially for those clients in the region who benefit from our experience in a market with little receptive supply.

At MHC, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty through effective interactions and exceptional services. Find out how to expand your tourism horizons with us!


At Milenium Holding & Consulting, we collaborate with independent programmers development companies to create innovative solutions in software y hardware solutions. We strive to solve the daily challenges of our users and to be leaders in the market.

We highlight our alliance with the CLASS ONE a successful company in the programming of software software programming for hotels. Its modular approach has revolutionized the industry in a unique way.

Together with our Asian Asian partners we are designing and developing a revolutionary device: ( wristwatch and app ) that can take advantage of additional benefits to our travelers, always keeping updated information about their location and environment.

In addition, we are excited about the development of our own platform of METAVERSO that offers unique experiences in the industry.

Real Estate

We collaborate with companies already established in the real estate sector, both in the both in the construction of real estate as well as in the commercialization of properties in operation .Our goal is to offer the best quality-price quality-price ratio and guarantee the habitability and comfort for future owners and tenants.

We work with companies registered and operating companies in several countries, which allows us to offer a broad portfolio to our potential customers. potential customers. Our approach is based on excellence and the selection of reliable partners who share our values.

In addition, we have an in-house team of highly qualified professionals in agronomy, civil engineering, architecture and graphic design. We have developed a modular modular system system of housing construction that we will implement in the north of Colombia, specifically in the town of Casa de Tabla, in the majestic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


We take care of a project in areas responsive and we partner with companies in the sector that demonstrate a proven track record and high success rates in their programs. Currently, we are involved in the reforestation of approximately 10 0 hectares in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, and other 10 hectares in the southern Brazil.

For promote this important work in these lands, we have initiated the construction construction of tourist trails . Through an approach of sightseeing approach day view approach, we transport visitors and immerse them in the lush flora and fauna of the area. flora and fauna of the area. In this way, they not only learn about the environment, but also become familiar with it, acquiring a new concept of nature conservation.

MHC, made sustainable environmental tourism as tools to protect our environment and promote ecological awareness.

Art and Culture:

At MHC, we recognize the importance of participating in the cultural development of our communities. In a world dominated by technology, it is vital not to lose sight of our ancestral traditions and customs. For this reason, we have partnered with cultural cultural groups y organizationssuch as the Paradigma Group of Pereira, Colombia.

Together with them, we collaborate to bring art and culture to culture with positive messages and self-learning to those who need it most, especially children and adolescents in vulnerable areas. Through shows entertainment, we not only provide entertainment, but we also transmit values y principles that can keep these young people away from delinquency or reinsert them in their studies.

Our commitment is not limited to a few hours of fun, but we strive to convey clear and purposeful messages, seeking to positively impact the lives of the families who visit us.

Social Programs:

Through partnerships strategic partnerships with partnerships e institutionsWe contribute our grain of sand in digital promotion and networking. networking. We facilitate partnerships that help these organizations achieve their goals and make a positive difference in society.

We highlight the Association Santa Alianzadedicated to providing support a children in foster care, and the VIRA Foundationfocused on improving the lives of the elderly.. Our collaboration strengthens their work and provides them with new perspectives in life.

In addition, we have a private private organization organization made up of committed businessmen, who make direct direct contributions to support cases cases of aid cases in special or emergency situations. This organization, based on internal referrals, does not appear in public lists or statistics.

This private organization operates on a referral referral of one of the members members and is not listed in any list or statistics.

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