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We have strategically located centers to provide you with the necessary information in different regions. Our Hamburg headquarters will be pleased to provide you with all the details you require about our services in Germany. Also, in Spain, we have specific information about Spain and Tenerife. Likewise, in our office in Bolivia we are waiting for you to provide information about the Altiplano and Latin America. Finally, our office in India and Dubai will provide you with the necessary information for our destinations in India, Nepal, Dubai, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Tibet.

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Mühlendamm 84a, 22087
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Calle del mar Tirreno 8 Nave B12
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Madrid, Spain

Sushant Shopping Arcade,
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122002, Haryana, India


Millennium Plaza,
Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai, Uae.

Av. Hernando Siles Reyes Obrajes
3rd Street, Titanium Tower I
Office #202, La Paz, Bolivia


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Who are we and what do we do?

At MILENIUM HOLDING & CONSULTING, we offer integral solutions for various market sectors. Through our platform, we integrate a wide range of highly demanded products and services, maintaining high standards of quality, transparency and competitive prices. Our focus covers sectors such as tourism, technology, media, real estate, hospitality, education and culture. We provide advice and support to foreign companies in their global expansion, being their reliable partner on the road to success.

Use of our trademarks.

The use of our trademarks through the services.

We have created several brands that allow us to offer under the same roof of MILENIUM HOLDING solutions to the problems of our customers, and at the same time helps us to maintain a presence in the national and international market, thus allowing the products or services of our portfolio or those of our partners to reach further and more users.

So far our brands allow us to enter the Tourism sector, Digital Development Services, Advertising Promotions both radio and digital or face-to-face, Technical Services, and face-to-face or Hybrid Online Events.

Expand your business.

We help you to expand your business nationally or internationally.

Thanks to our constant growth and the network of companies with which we are affiliated nationally and internationally, we can help your products or services reach new markets and users.

Growing countries.

We differentiate between stable and growing countries.

Thanks to the expansion undertaken by MILENIUM HOLDING it is possible to create subsidiaries in the most ambitious countries and thus position our and our clients’ products and services through our portfolio.

It should be noted that our subsidiaries are/will be managed by personnel from the country where they are founded, this leads to the creation of jobs and tax payments in those countries, which is favorable for the country’s coffers, apart from this, being attended by personnel from the area, dealing with internal customers is much easier since the same jargon and culture rooted in the population is handled.

Strategic allies.

With strategic allies, it is possible to reach large markets.

We understand and accept that it is much more complicated to offer our own services and products, as well as those of our clients in changing and sometimes volatile markets, much less can we provide the professionalism needed to provide a quality service, unaware of the cultural environment of the sector in which our services are offered. For this reason we partner with recognized companies in the sector and together we offer a better and larger portfolio as well as a good service to our users.

In the search for these allies we take into account their trajectory, the quality of their services and products, as well as the time they have been in the market and the concept under which they have worked. This helps us to determine the potential and possible alliance to provide excellence and high quality to our users.

Data of Interest.

Thanks to our alliances we currently have:

100.000 +
Agencies in the areas of Tourism, Hospitality, Gastronomy, Services, Education and Social Projects from all over the world in our database.

Countries in which we have at least one contact in an agency in the sectors described above.

MILENIUM – TRAVELPOSTING, international representatives who are at your service to provide you with the solution(s) you may need in the area we handle.